Top Small House Designs with Big Results

Small House Designs

Living in a home with limited space can sometimes be rather frustrating. Although a small home is charming and cozy, it can be difficult to have furniture fit correctly and not have all of your belongings look and feel cluttered. In effort to make your home look and feel it’s best, no matter what size it is, you’ll need to have the proper small house designs to work with. By understanding correct furniture placement and intriguing designs suitable for small spaces, you’ll be able to make the most out of your quaint locale so that it’s the coolest place to hang out in — even if it’s only 500 square feet. 

Here are the top best small house designs that will turn a small space from clutter to class: Tiny Cabin Homes

Tiny Cabin Homes

When you think about a rustic home in the woods, you don’t necessarily consider a huge property with elaborate accents and accommodations. Instead, you think about well-crafted cozy ambiances and designs that make you feel safe, relaxed, and ready for some hot chocolate. Tiny cabins are great because they offer the shelter you need while out in the woods, but are not too elaborate that you need a lot of items when staying there. These homes or vacation getaways are very minimalist, but still very attractive. shows an adorable cabin that is located in British Columbia, where the owners come and go as they please opting for this space as their go-to vacation getaway. Some of the quality aspects inside this home includes the exposed rafters, a sliding patio door that leads out to the decent sized deck, and large windows for ample sunlight. 

Modern Small Homes

Modern Small Homes

In terms of modern design, anything goes and this includes even for the smaller spaces. While it might be hard to imagine a huge colonial as a small property, it isn’t difficult to fathom a funky small space with ultra modern designs. The key to keeping small homes looking their best is simply by causing a lot of space, or at least making it look as though there is a lot of space given. Modern designs do this well because they usually have large, open floor plans that can consist in any size home. There is usually minimal furniture so there isn’t a lot of clutter inside, and since there are lots of large windows, the backdrop is nature growing outside, creating the illusion that the space is larger than it really is. Modern homes are also made out of simple, muted tones, and because of that the home looks larger than it is. Lighter colors tend to give that illusion as opposed to darker shades. 

Small Studio Apartment Homes

Small Studio Apartment Homes

Sometimes a small studio apartment is the option of choice in terms of the home you live in, and while it’s cozy, it can be rather cramped. Knowing where to place your larger items and how to mix in the smaller pieces without making things feel too cluttered is quite a challenge. Instead of just tossing everything everywhere and feeling discouraged about the living situation, embrace the space by doing a few simple small house design revamps. First of all, be sure that you make the most out of your larger furniture. You can easily use a couch or large bookcase as a divider to help create the illusion of more than one room in your home. Set a couch in the living space so that it’s facing the TV while the back of it is facing the bed. This will help create that diversion of two spaces. However, you can always use a curtain to divide up space as well. Put up a track on the ceiling and then put up a curtain that matches your style (remember lighter color shades tend to make a space look larger). Shelving units are also amazing items in a small space because not only can they be used as a divider but they can stow away items that need to be tucked away, and they can even be used as a table or a place to keep your memorable items that need to be on display. 

More Small House Design Tips

Now that you’ve seen what can be done in various different small spaces, you might still need a little extra guidance on how to get started with decorating your home. Here are a few helpful tips on small house designs that will encourage any homeowner (or renter) to use the most out of your small space with ease. 

-Don’t let unused space go to waste. Many designers have been able to create the coolest office spaces inside small, unused closets. If you’re someone who works from home but has a small area to live, let alone work in, you’ll want to try and figure out a way to help get the office you need without taking up more space. A closet is a great idea for a small office that consists of a desk, chair and maybe a shelf or two. Taking off the door to the closet allows it to look more like a small little office nook, which will in turn help you to want to work there. Other unused spaces can include areas next to staircases, where you might want to put a small bar in or even a work station. 

-Avoid using dark colors in the home. Like stated above, it’s always smart to use lighter shades in a smaller space to make it appear larger. This doesn’t mean you have to go all white and never add any vibrancy to your home. However, when painting the walls, you might want to keep the color on the lighter side, with maybe a complimenting hue on one wall to add a little something fun. Larger furniture always works well in a small home when they are on the lighter shade, but add some color with a throw blanket, a cozy rug or some pillows. 

-Keep the curtains long. When you use a small, cropped curtain it helps make the room in the house look smaller and more narrow. However, when you use longer curtains, you get the exact opposite effect, which allows the space to appear larger since the eyes tend to move up the walls rather than be distracted with something cut short. 

Small house designs don’t have to be frustrating. There are so many great ideas that will help make your tiny home look and feel larger, no matter who little it really is. Enjoy making the most out of your space with these helpful design tips that will be able to surely create something really special throughout the home. 

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