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Luxury House Plans

When shopping for the right house plans, you might need to do a little digging to find what it is you want. There are plenty of choices out there, found all over the world both online and off, but when it comes to the best luxury house plans, there are some of the top dog sites that offer the best in design. You’ll be able to find beautiful architectural designs that offer large, spacious layouts that will help support your lifestyle, and your design attitude. 

To find luxury house plans online, check out these sites:

These guys knows what it takes to give a homeowner a proper house plan, especially for those who are looking for something luxurious. While offers all sorts of plans to choose from, they offer a vast majority of luxury house plans to choose from as well. They provide beautiful floor plans for huge estates that range well over 26,000 square feet. As far as amenities, many of these layouts can offer its owner elaborate extras such as guest homes, libraries, pool houses, and spacious attached garages. When searching here, you’re able to do it with ease by choosing from sifting through various plan prices that fit within your financial needs, or simply check out the latest listings found on their online database. They also allow you to easily shop around different architectural styles that will help you narrow down which Tudor house or modern mansion you’d prefer to live in. And with options like a 9000 square foot 7 bath, 6.5 bathroom beachside estate, there are plenty of beautiful luxury house plans to choose from that will be sure to provide you with what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking for something in the city with multiple floors to add space or you want to spread out with a longer, wider countryside layout, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for at Here, they know what it takes to provide the right luxury house plans, giving you options that can include large homes that work both for the city and the country. They allow you to take your own dreams and designs and use them to create something magnificent with the help of their professional team, so you’ll finally be able to say you live in your dream house. For those who want to have something on a large rural lot, there are great options that include 3 bedroom, 3 baths, 1 story Craftsman that is around 3,126 square feet. However, for those who want something in a more tropical climate, there is the ultra chic Mediterranean space spanning over 7,000 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 6 baths with multiple floors that provides you with lots of space even when you’re in a crowded neighborhood. 

Architectural Designs

Architectural Designs

For a huge selection of various luxury house plans, there is to provide you with just that. You’ll scour through this site to find amazing items that include a lovely Craftsman with multiple bedrooms and baths or a mountainside home that offers luxury with a touch of rustic charm. This website offers plenty of options for designs, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for right away, there is always the Premium Collection that offers even higher luxury with plenty of colorful photos to look through to find just what they are selling. Whether you want something with a European flair or you enjoy picking a design that looks like it walked right out of a story book, this website will provide you with some impeccable designs that you just can’t get anywhere else. 

The Plan Collection Fine House Plans

The Plan Collection Fine House Plans

A website that prides themselves on giving its customers more than just spacious home plans, The Plan Collection Fine House Plans also knows what it takes to provide hand picked, unique designs. They easily lay out these plans for you to look through, offering them in design categories such as modern and elegant. Some of the most common amenities that these homes seem to all have within their floor plans? Well, customers can usually choose from cascading staircases, master suites, and elaborate wine cellars. Here, you’ll have the option to pick from something masterful that you’d find in a beautiful California estate, to something magnificent that you’d compare to the design style of the White House. Their latest featured house plan #106-1189, is just as stunning and grand with its huge design and numerous amenities. Here, you’ll find a sitting room inside the master bedroom along with a master bath, a secluded family room for extra space and privacy, along with a veranda and huge bay windows for ample viewing. 

Archival Designs, Inc.

Archival Designs, Inc.

Providing many exclusive luxury house plans, Archival Designs, Inc., offers so many amazing styles for all who want to live in a more elite design structure. This site maps out just what you’ll expect throughout the process of picking and choosing your best luxury house plan with their extensive FAQ section, answering questions of return policies, custom design homes, and international designs. And they really do have a lot of different plans to choose from that will be sure to offer you what you’re looking for, including best sellers, new releases, Texas style, and even commercial. Whatever you’re looking for you’ll find here, and you can count on each and every design to be just as exciting and luxurious as the rest. 

Luxury house plans offers much more than just spacious layouts for its homeowners. This type of plan also offers impeccable taste with amazing architecture that allows to you show off your rich personality. With these different websites, you’ll be sure to find the proper design of your choice in no time, since they offer wonderful choices with excellent customer service to help you throughout the process. Enjoy checking out each website to ensure you find just want you want for your own space, and you’ll be able to live the life of luxury in no time. 

Get an inside glimpse at this beautiful luxury house plan:

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