Get Seaside Inspired with Beach House Decor

Beach-inspired home decor

There’s something about the summertime that makes us all want to get in the seaside spirit. Whether you live near the beach or you just want to pretend you do with the proper ocean-inspired accents, you’ll want to find the appropriate beach house decor to get your space looking its best. Enjoy decorating your beach house with some stunning items that will make the home comfortable and chic. 

Want to decorate your space with beach house decor? Check out the best seaside-inspired items below:

Easy, Breezy Beautiful Beach Decor

So you want to add some beach house decor to your space but you’re not really sure how to go about it. You want the decor to look stylish and put together without being too overwhelming or cheap. While you might know what you want, you may need a little extra guidance along the way, so read on and enjoy checking out some of the most beautiful beach house decor around. 

  • Seashells Down By The Seashore

When most of us think about beach decor, right away our minds jump to seashells. Sure, shells are very beach-inspired and look great in many seaside homes, but they need to be used sparingly. Instead of dousing your space with seashells in every room and in every corner, it’s best to keep it simple. Allow for one large seashell piece decorate one area of the room, such as a large mirror or frame made out of shells. You can also use shells as an accent on a bookcase or even placed on a pile of books. Seashell frame to accent the space

  • Bright Lights and Oh So Beachy

To retain a true beach house space, you’ll want to have the proper lighting. However, we aren’t necessarily talking about artificial lighting. With beach house decor, you really want to have as much real sunlight as possible to give a very opened and airy appeal. Keep the walls painted a light color to help reflect the sun and give the entire room a very cheery feel. Of course, you can’t just depend on sunlight to keep your beach house bright come nightfall. When the night comes, be sure you have some lighting that will provide soft, cozy lighting. So that means no bright overhead florescent lighting or super high bulb watts.

  • Bring on the Antique Artwork

A true beach home usually has plenty of antiques on display. This doesn’t necessarily mean every piece of decor is old, but instead just some items here and there. The artwork could also be antique or vintage-inspired. An easy way to get this look is to simply add in a few antique-looking boats into the decor mix to really give the perfect amount of seaside allure. Other items that work nicely are rustic-looking benches, side tables and desks. 

  • What a View!

Waking up to a beautiful ocean view is ideal for many, especially those who want to have beach-inspired decor. If you’re someone that lives right on the beach (or has a very nice view of the water), you’ll want to play with that as much as you can. Open up the curtains and blinds and let the view shine through into your room, without cramping it with lots of other wall fixtures. However, for those who don’t have a view of the ocean to use as their backdrop, that’s OK. Instead, opt for a stunning mural of the ocean and use that as the main focal point in the room. Capture the look and feel of the ocean without even living directly on it when you get the proper photo or painting to reel the eyes in. 

  • Wet n’ Wild Wicker Furniture 

Not only does wicker furniture give the ample beach-looking decor in your space, but it also won’t get ruined if sat on with a wet bathing suit. After all, if you really do live directly on the beach, you want furniture that is low-maintenance and will allow you to live the comfy casual beach life. You’re able to get very cozy cushions to place on top of the wicker furniture too, so you don’t have to worry about not being comfortable. Even if you don’t want all of your furniture made out of wicker, you can get just a few pieces to spread around the home to still give the same effect. Wicker furniture for a beach house

  • Naturally Nautical Color Theme

Keep the colors in the home very neutral and natural when decorating. You’ll want to opt for rich blues that coincide with the crisp white walls. Nautical colors easily make the room look beachy and chic without even looking as though you’re trying too hard. Colors should always be very simple throughout and should all mesh with each other rather than offer certain bold pieces here and there. 

When it comes to beach house decor, there are plenty of items to choose from to really make your home look its best. Enjoy shopping around and finding the right pieces to go with your beach house while following some of the useful guidelines we suggested above for your convenience. 

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