Finding The Right Home For First-Time Home Buyers

Once a buyer has established their credit and received the best possible loan option available, now the home search begins. It’s important for all buyers to decide what their needs are and how much they can afford, instead of jumping at a cost that is comparable to the amount lended. Choosing the right home can make the difference between ‘The Dream’ and a ‘Bust.’Cost is arguably one of the most import issues surrounding the purchase of a new home. What may on the outside appear to be a buyer’s dream could soon turn into a nightmare if the condition of the home requires extensive repair.  A routine cost estimate could decide whether or not to purchase the home.

Buyers should know in advance what size and specifications they require depending on their needs, such as family size. Is there a bathroom/bedroom ratio that works with the number of people in the house? Is there enough storage, cabinet, and cupboard space? A buyer could spend an entire day asking themselves these questions, and often the answers can be right there in the ideal home design.

Location is equally important in determining the purchase of a home. This is due to economic structures and the home values of a specific area, and it is also dependant on the needs of the buyer and their family. Is it in close proximity to regularly frequented places, such as work and family? If there is a commute is it safe? Is the neighbor and schools safe? Perspective buyers would be do well to have an area in mind when they begin the home search.  It is recommended that a first-time home buyer check with professionals in the finance and maintanance field, and also to check with all available resources. An improperly investigated home can quickly turn the purchase into a ‘money-pit very quickly.

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