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Troy, AL 36079 3 bed /  1 bath
1407 Sq Ft Price / Sq Ft: $30.586956521739
  • Date Listed: 07/10/2014

This is a HUD Home that the government's Department of Housing and Urban Development foreclosed on after the original owner stopped making payments. This home is sold via an auction process whereby the highest bidder wins the home, but usually at prices affordable for lower-income families. Owner-occupants are given preference before investors. The list price is provided but any reasonable bid may be submitted. All bids must be issued through a registered HUD agent.

  • Date Listed: 07/10/2014

This property is up for Auction because the owner couldn't make their payments, even after a grace period expired. This property will be sold to the highest bidder at the location below, or at the county courthouse on the date listed. It is possible to win an auction at an attractive price, especially if few bidders show up. If available, the auction's starting minimum bid (the smallest amount you can offer for the home) is provided.

S Us Highway 29

Troy, AL 36079 3 bed /  2 bath
1612 Sq Ft Price / Sq Ft: $16.282828282828
  • Date Listed: 04/29/2015
  • Year Built: 1977

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